Saturday, February 13, 2010

ready for another monitor?

So my friday session I again ran poorly, finishing about 120 below AIEV. I got it in several times against opponents prefop having pair over pair, and three times in a row I just yelled out the card they needed and it came right on cue.

I did book a 1BI win thanks to my AA holding up against KK.

I feel pretty comfortable 12 tabling right now, and am considering adding another 23 inch monitor to increase my volume.

So far I'm down for the month, but am happy with the way i'm playing. Though I did spazz out two days ago making a 3bet bluff on my opponents cbet after his raise from the BB preflop. My AKs failed to catch against his KK.

So I'm going away for the weekend, and hope to 9 table on my laptop and put in some good sessions.

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