Sunday, February 28, 2010

February review

So as you can see below, I only won for the month because of the nice run at the end of the month. It was only 23K hands, and I ran very poorly at the beginning and middle of the month, so overall I can't complain too much.

So for some reason I wasn't able to download my limit by limit stats, so here's the written form:

Limit Hands Amt. Won BB/100

50NL 13,662 -104.50 -0.76
100NL 9,907 730.25 3.69

I finished about 400 below AIEV for the month, which is actually not as bad as I thought it would be, thanks to a nice run at the end.

The end result:

$622.37 table winnings
+163.85(5120.34 VPPs*2FPP/VPP (as a gold star only!)*1.6c/FPP)
786.22 total profit

As for why I didn't do so well at 50NL:

I came up short of my goal to have a 4 figure profit month, but overall I did achieve a number of worthwhile things that will enable me to increase my earnings in the future:

1. I've learned to comfortably 12 table. My wife is having a hard enough time dealing with the kitchen table looking like a techie zone, so a second monitor will have to wait until we move. But I am looking forward to being able to go up to 16-20tables in the not so distant future.

2. I've learned to keep my tilt under control. When I was running poorly, it was difficult to keep my head on straight. But I simply got used to it and accepted it as part of the game.

3. I've tried to stay out of the way of the good regs. Most of my income will come from players who I have a clear edge in skill over. So it's better to target those tables where the fish are, and to not get into too many reg wars.

So onto March. This is my first full month with the new hardware, I hope to have my best month ever. Some goals:

1. Achieve platinum star- that'll come with a 2.5 multiplier.
2. Have a 2K month- why not?
3. Put in more volume- I have no idea how much...

Non-poker stuff: spent the day watching the gold medal hockey game. Even though the Americans lost, I was glad Sid was able to come through with the winner. Since I am moving to Canada, I wasn't really cheering too hard one way or the other. I guess I'm not too patriotic, because if it were a pittsburgh team I would always root for them, no matter where I live.

That's it for now... lots of stuff going on in march!

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