Thursday, February 4, 2010

first post

So i'm starting this blog to chronicle my journey towards becoming an online poker pro. i'd also like to use this as a tool to review some hands and go over concepts that i've been working on.

At this point in my poker career, i'm currently about a 2ptBB winner at 100NL, although i've been stuck in a breakeven stretch since last september. i'm currently trying to transition my game from a LAG playing 4 tables into a TAG playing 12 tables and up. This is relatively new to me, but I think it a more practical way of making money at poker.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to get to the point where I am making enough money and have enough confidence in my game that I will be able to consider becoming a full time pro.

I play on pokerstars, and hope to achieve supernova status this year. I have just bought a new computer, and a 23 inch monitor, in which i am able to comfortably 12 table, up from my current standard of 6 on my laptop.

So we'll see where this month goes. My goals for Feb.:

-play 30,000 hands
-play no higher than a 12/10 style, with ATS of 20-25, preferably a 10/8 style with ATS of 25
-have a 4 figure month-i've only done this once, so a tall order for me!

Let it begin...

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