Tuesday, February 9, 2010

gotta pick it up

ok so it's a third of the way thru feb, and i've gotta pick up my game... need to put in more volume, and most importantly I need to RUN WELL for a change!

overall, i'm happy with my decision making. I do think I need to make few adjustments:
-table select more often
-bet size better to enable villian to call more often with worse
-get better at assigning ranges to the type of villian so I can know when I need to check monsters, or value bet smaller

non-poker stuff is going well. I enjoyed the super bowl, but didn't really get too into it bc I was playing a friendly NLHE tourney at my friend's home. even there I got it in wit AA and of course KJ flopped top two...

Personally, I've been trying to put more emphasis on keeping in touch with family and friends... i've been slacking off in that area, and it's been a somewhat of a void in my life. Hopefully, things will change in my day job to give me a little more freedom and time to have more balance in my life.

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