Thursday, March 18, 2010

other areas to improve

Just to continue off my last post, there are a few other areas where I think I need to spend more time evaluating:

*hand reading- it should become second nature to be able to say what the villian's range is and how often they show up with a particular holding.

*along the same line is knowing villians calling range when I am value betting. villian needs to have enough hands in his range that I beat for it to be a true value bet...

*a final goal is to be able to play better in 3 bet pots. So often I feel lost in them and especially struggle deciding whether to cbet after i've whiffed on the flop...

I feel like my journey in poker has been a lot like professional school. Take medical or dental school for instance. Typcially, the first two years consist of basic sciences, which lay the groundwork for the clinical work to come. In your third year you typically rotate through different specialties and in your fourth year you do more of the same except with more freedom and responsibility. Likewise in poker, i've spent the last two years studying a lot of the theory on different styles and how to become a winning player.

This journey began in the winter of 2007, and now over two years later I feel i'm beginning to develop my niche, and am putting into practice much of what i've learned. That said, I still need to work on my game vigorously otherwise I will be left in the dust.

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