Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got it!

After much negotiating, I've finally convinced my better half to let me purchase a second monitor. It took begging, pleading, but ultimately the dangling carrot offer of a new wallet (not cheap!) sealed the deal. Not sure if this is a +EV situation...

Last night I tried out the second monitor (same 23 inch acer model as the other), and 16 tabled for a session. It was a little difficult I have to admit, but I will get used to the extra movement needed eventually.

I broke even for the session, but spazzed out in a hand where I bet thinking I was heads up, but was out of position in a multi-way pot. Also, I accidentally folded QQ preflop.

Pitt looked good in its opening round game against oakland. I picked them for the final four so if they're my make or break team. I've got kansas, kentucky and duke rounding out my final four...

The new house looks great. There are a few cracks in the cement already, but was told that was to be expected. Otherwise I'm excited to be moving in.

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