Monday, August 22, 2011

time to rededicate-again

So I really mean it this time when i'm going to start my poker grind again. There have been many things going on which have prevented me to put in time... mostly good stuff now that I look back on it.

I've moved to toronto, and now live in a 1 bedroom condo. Although I've been resistant to the move, now that i'm finally here i'm getting settled in. My dual monitor poker station is right by a large window, which helps make the grind more interesting.

Also keeping me from the grind was a 3 week trip to the philippines and malaysia. It was a costly trip in many ways both money and otherwise, but in the end was well worth it. It was a family reunion, and you really can't place a $ sign on that. I gained a total of 5 lbs, which isn't too bad considering my breakfasts typically consisted of a buffet of rice, chicken adobo, fruit, cereal, croissants, and omlets, then lunches and dinner were of equal or larger size. I've since lost said 5 lbs in the two weeks since i've been home. At 33, I wonder how long it will take for my metabolism to catch up with me.

I've decided to grind up again from 10NL, but to not mass table anymore. I will tile my tables, and play no more than 12, with a sweet spot of around 5-8. It's really not fun to be a robot, not getting better and really not thinking. Yesterday was my first day in months I spent studying, trying to get my mind into "grinding shape." I probably won't play for another week or so.

On that note, its time to start errand day with the wife.

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