Monday, August 22, 2011

starting from 5NL

After trying to grind 10NL with a $200 bankroll, I've decided to move down to 5NL haha after not playing well. I haven't played a whole lot in the past few months, and was extremely rusty. My roll is currently at $150, and I will be at 5NL for awhile. Here is a garph of my first 1,700 hands this month:

After some session analysis I've discovered I was spewing so much postflop and really just need to tone it down.

I'm working full time now for the first time in several months, which is actually going to let me get more grind in. I've been away from teh tables because I was in the philippines and malaysia on a family trip. Also I've just moved to Toronto last month. As an American living in Canada I've discovered there are more differences between small town/big city people versus canadian and americans. I lived in rochester new york and niagara falls ontario, and also in new york city and now toronto. The mentality between GTA and NYC people, and ra-cha-cha/niagara falls folks seems so similar in general, that you can just throw out that they are from different countries on some level.

So this month i'm going put in significantly more volume than I have the past few months. Hopefully I can hit the 30k mark.

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