Saturday, September 10, 2011

to grill or not to grill

Right now i'm grilling burgers and in my condo its against the rules. I think for a guy it's a basic human right and will simply play dumb when caught. No harm IMO as long as I don't burn the place down...

When I first started grinding through the micros several years ago, I would play at most 4 tables, and would be able to watch a movie, get up to go to the bathroom, get a snack, etc. This time around I'm 18 tabling, am much more likely to be in a spot, and now when the wife asks something like "babe can you get this dish on the shelf- I can't reach it," my first reaction is "S*%#, you want something NOW?!?- can't you see that I'm trying to decide whether I have enough fold equity to check/shove this turn?!" What ends up happening is I anwser her question and request- 5-15 nagging minutes later.

As an asian american resident of an asian area in Toronto, I've discovered that there needs to be "no spitting signs," put up. I frequently see wads of spit when I'm out for a walk (and often the spitter in action), and today I saw a guy open his car door to spit a huge wad at not one, not two, but three straight stop lights... It's at times like these that I miss the homogenous suburban small town I grew up in.

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