Saturday, September 10, 2011

grind vs tennis

It's such a nice day outside, plus Fed/Djokovic, Rafa/Murray are going at it, so grinding will have to take a backseat today. Playing 5NL leaves much room for error i've dicovered. I usually make a big mistake or two, but it's more than made up for by the spewy donks that keep on donating stacks. The only losing day I've had so far was when I tried grinding during my fantasy draft. I haven't been doing session reviews lately which doesn't bode well for my progress. I realize I have so much work to do to improve, and need to put some time in with pokerstove, stat session analysis, and flopzilla to get a better feel for ranges and being able to determine the best line while 18 tabling.

In my keeer league, I had the number one overall pick, and went the safe route by selecting the best rb available, Chris Johnson, instead of taking a quarterback. My lineup looks like this:

Philip Rivers
Chris Johnson
Peyton Hillis
Vincent Jackson
Mike Wallace
Mike Williams (TB)
Jason Witten
Steven Gostkowski
Giants D

My controversial/questionable pick was selecting peyton manning in the 8th round (we get to keep players in the round we drafted them).

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