Sunday, August 8, 2010

july review

July was another sucky month. However, I realized I can't be so robotic at the tables, and have tried adding a few elements to my game which will both make playing a little more interesting, and will make me tougher to play against. Things such as flatting premium hands a little more often, playing passively with strong showdown hands when I'm against an aggro opponent, and adding in more bluffs and playing them the exact same way I would play my monsters.

So how did I do?

-153.77 table losses
125.96(5248.21*2.0 FPP/VPP*.012c/FPP)
50 for 45k VPP
22.19 USD total profit- UGH!

Year to date stuff: 1273.99 total rakeback thus far, not including jan, which I need to look up.

So total profit:

2195.48 table winnings
1273.99 rakeback
400 stellar reward bonuses
3869.47 total USD profit

269.45 hrs for an hourly rate of 14.36/hour. I guess I won't be giving up my day job anytime soon!

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