Monday, August 30, 2010

fantasy football

So you know summer is coming to an end when fantasy football drafts start up. I'm in two leagues this year, and had one draft to warm up for the league i've been in since college.

My lineup in this 10 team league consists of, in the order in which they were kept/drafted:

Adrian Peterson (keeper)
Tony Romo
Ryan Mathews
Jamaal Charles
Chad Ochocinco
Mike Sims-Walker
Percy Harvin
Jets D
Mike Wallace
LaDanian Tomlinson

and a few other bench players I can't remember

Overall I think I hit a home run and have a stellar team. This league does not give points per reception, so quarterbacks are of extreme importance, hence the first round pick of romo, which i would not otherwise usually do. He was the last decent qb available, so I felt compelled to use a first rounder on him.

Pokerwise, I've been on a terrible downswing and will have a losing month for sure. I've really over extended my play and 24 tabling is not just for me. It's not fun, and I can't go through my thought process quickly enough to keep up. So I will stick to 12 tabling for now until I get my bankroll to where it needs to be, and will probably only play a max of 14-16. I've also limited my play to just the 40-100 100Nl big blind tables, as having different limits and different buy in amounts was just too confusing for me.

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