Monday, April 26, 2010

stackin away

So i've learned how to stack 12 tables on top of each other on my laptop, and will most likely feel comfortable stacking 14-16 relatively soon. The past few sessions have been successful, and i'm almost out of the hole, but my volume thus far has been pitiful.

I cashed out some of my Frequent player points for a $1,000CAN gift card to future shop, which finally came in the mail today. Said card was immediately spent by myself and my spouse which went towards a TV stand and dishwasher... We spent $400 on a tv stand, which i find to be rediculous, but what can you do. It's wood with glass doors in the front. So hopefully by the end of the week we'll have the appliances in order, with the stove coming in a few days.

So i want to post a hand from yesterday's session on the two plus two forum. that's a big step for me, as i've just been a lurker. hopefully tonight i'll put up my analysis of the hand and see if it's really worth posting, or if i'll just get roasted for bad play...

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