Thursday, July 1, 2010

june review

June was again a very eventful and stress filled month. When there's so much life change it's hard to get good volume in. I finally ran well above expected value, but my winrate was still very lackluster for how lucky I was.

The end result:

+577.00 table winnings
+83.25 rakeback(2561.53VPP*2.5 multiplier for platinum star*.013c/FPP)
+50 stellar reward bonus for 40kVPP
710.25 USD total profit

I only played around 20 hours, for an hourly rate of about $35/hr. I feel like I need to incorporate a few changes into my game. I'm going to play less tables, and will try to make some non-standard plays against certain opponents to try to get this winrate up. Likewise, I will stop overplaying some trap hands. For instance, I'll try 3betting AQ less often, as it does have good showdown value on its own, and is not something I'm too excited to be playing 3bet pots in.

Hopefully i'll be able to post some goals and a reflection on the past few months shortly.

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